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Savali Turnkey Projectmore_vert

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Milk Reception Sectionmore_vert

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Milk Reception Section

H.T.S.T. Pastuerization Unitmore_vert

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H.T.S.T. Pastuerization Unit

Milk Storage Tanksmore_vert

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Milk Storage Tanks

Ghee Equipments & PLantmore_vert

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Ghee Equipments & PLant

Panner Equipments & Plantmore_vert

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Panner Equipments & Plant

Ice-Cream Equipments & Plantmore_vert

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Ice-Cream Equipments & Plant

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Other Range of Equipments

Girnar Turnkey Projectmore_vert

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Girnar Turnkey Project

Momai Ice-Cream Plantmore_vert

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Momai Ice-Cream Plant

Prabhat Turnkey Project more_vert

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Prabhat Turnkey Project

Sumul Projectmore_vert

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Sumul Project

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Pharmaceutical Equipments


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Our company offers high quality and efficient Refrigeration Plants includes Ammonia Refrigeration Plant and Freon Refrigeration Plant. These refrigeration plants use gas, liquid, and mechanical energy to move heat from one place to another. A liquid, such as ammonia, which has a low boiling temperature, is allowed to pass into a space via tubing.